Classic Car Liquidators was created for car people, by car people.

We specialize in vintage, classic, and specialty vehicles. CCL sales staff is honest and upfront, skipping the typical car salesmen runaround. We are here for one purpose... to inform, to listen and to get you in your dream car!

Please read our top 10 things you must know before purchasing a vehicle with us. Then, give us a call and let us make your dream come true!


1. Respect our team, as we respect you.

We treat every customer with respect and would like the same in return. We are here to provide an excellent service to potential buyers. We are honest, upfront and respectful. We do have the right to refuse service to any customer who is not respectful to our team. While we value every inquiry, we do not tolerate rudeness in anyway, and will ask you to leave if you are out of line.


2. Classic cars are OLD cars. We highly recommend you don't drive them home.

Old cars are just that, old cars. While we try and give you the best possible description on what we know about the cars, we want you to understand that these are old and can have problems on a long journey home. Please have it shipped or trailer it home. On a long journey home is not the place to get familiar with your old car. We cannot stop you, but this is our recommendation.


3. Be aware of fluid leaks.

All old cars leak fluid at some point. There are two types of fluid leaks; Problematic and typical. Please ask us which one your car has.


4. Put a deposit down! We won't hold a car without a deposit.

A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required when purchasing a vehicle. No exceptions. A deposit will hold the vehicle for 7 days. If you do not put a deposit on the vehicle you are interested in and it sells, we cannot do anything about it.


5. Mileage is exempt.

On all of our classic vehicles, we exempt the mileage. This means we do not know the original miles. The number listed in the ad is what the odometer currently reads. Unless we have some documentation on the miles, we consider all classic vehicles exempt. Also, you cannot run a CarFax on a vehicle older than 1981.


6. We do not sell fully restored vehicles.

99% of our vehicles are not fully restored. We sell driver-quality classics, so please do not expect a fully restored car. We will do our best to accurately describe all the details we know about each car, so please listen to the description.


7. All old cars have some sort of rust or filler.

Whether it is surface rust or problematic rust, all old cars have had some sort of rust in their lifetime. We try to accurately describe all the rust issues and body filler that we know about.


8. YOU MUST CALL US (903) 891-0000

In order to get a full description of a vehicle, you need to call and talk to one of our sales specialists. Please do not email 100 questions, as we will only tell you to pick up the phone and call. We understand calling takes a little more time, but if you are a serious buyer we want to talk to you about your potential purchase.


9. We do not guarantee engine codes.

We do our best to decode the engine and transmission codes so that we can pass them on to you. Unfortunately, there are many variables and some are difficult to read. We will do our best, but we do not guarantee codes.



We take a lot of time testing what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, old cars can have anything quit working at any time. We do not offer any type of warranty at all. Once you buy a classic car, you understand that part of the hobby is working on them. Get ready... It is not if they break, but when!